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Compilation of thoughts etc


·         Weird highlight glow around character. Like an anti-shadow

·         Game does not lock mouse, so it can move outside the game window onto a second monitor

·         Mouse cursor is not hidden when controlling the character

·         It’s really easy to get out of bounds

·         The game over overlay does not properly overlap the entire screen, so a slight border is visible around the edges.

·         You can walk into collisions in such a way where the view twitches (like your player can’t go through an object and the camera twitches backward and forward rapidly)

·         Punches can be spammed like crazy

·         You can sort of jump oddly onto the wall


Near the door you can fall off on the left side without it killing you so you get stuck.

·         I got a gameover jumping on a frog. It killed both the frog and me. Actually, this also happened to me with the gorilla boss.

I died once and respawned stuck in this animation pose. Next time I took damage the animation corrected itself, but walking jumping etc had no effect


·         I mean… you need a tutorial?

·         It’s not clear what things are harmful. Oh that plant does half my HP in damage

·         Why does everything do half HP damage?

·         Not clear the mechanics of enemies

o   How was I supposed to know I can't punch some enemies?

·         It’s weird spacebar triggers the retry button on the gameover screen. If you’re spamming jump when you die you just won’t see the gameover screen

·         It’s weird that the third jump doesn’t occur when you hit the ground. It happens in mid-air

·         I don’t see the weird strafe dodging thing (pressing Q/E) being useful

·         All of the shit after the rhinos was just you guys being a dick

o   The first piston thing I can understand. Trap doors and things falling from the ceiling? Kinda retarded.

kinda mad I can't walk across this bridge

You have a lot of free roam during the boss fight and the boss doesn't know what to do


·         The terrain texture is like really low res. Not sure if you are planning on targeting PC or mobile, but if you want to release on PC you should probably increase the resolution.

·         Foliage seems to have some very weird glitches from certain angle

Vines almost everywhere are poorly made.

Monkey's spawn is also pretty low effort (and also, it just loops to the same area you can get to another way so there's no reason to even take that path = bad level design)

There's no IK or anything for enemies conforming to the terrain so you get weird looking things like this with the frogs

Is this a magic rock?

By spamming the mouse around a lot during the cutscene I got ghosts of what appear to be the ambient occlusion of the scene behind it

Overall this game doesn't feel especially fun to play yet. There's only two enemies plus the boss you can really interact with. The plant and snake feel like super cheese.

I don't know. The game wasn't especially interesting. There wasn't much to do or explore. And all you did to try to ramp up the difficulty was shove in a hundred enemies on the screen at once which was more tedious than anything.

You really haven't taken into account the player's jumping ability anywhere so...

Boss overall was just damn stupid. No it's not obvious how to do damage to him. I occasionally saw him flash red to indicate he took damage, for some reason. I was spamming triple jump and punching hoping to god he would take damage some time. Looks like his head's what took damage, but I can't be sure. It wasn't really possible to tell when he was vulnerable either.

Also that fight was glitchy as hell. You can jump through him. You can ride around on his back for shits and giggles. Sometimes he would do a really big attack animation with you on his back and if you also jumped you went flying hilariously through the air.

The audio overall was poorly mixed. Sounds were of absolutely random volume levels (with the music being quiet overall). Annoying.

I don't know. Kinda got bored

This game ain't ready for a wide release. You'll get murdered unless you address these issues

This forum software is cutting off my words which is driving me nuts

Wow thanks! We really appreciate all the in depth feedback. This is exactly the kind of input we are looking for, and your screenshots are very helpful.  We meet up Tuesday to discuss feedback and strategies for addressing issues, so this could not be more timely.  We are pushing weekend builds as we work on refining the gameplay. I hope you continue to be a part of our development as we make changes. We have a long road ahead of us and 10 worlds to build in order to complete our story. Looking forward to more feedback!



PS here's the map to avoid traps on the path to the boss for the future


Uploaded files:
  • Keeping-Track.JPG

Regarding the map: yep missed that. Also I never figured out how I was supposed to get the rock to fall on the switch to keep the staircase lowered, but I might be mildly brain damaged.

I wouldn't be opposed to further testing but you don't really have a great system in place for it, unless you keep the password on Itch the same or make a new Reddit post every time. I mean, these forums don't even seem to let you create an account so there's no way you can get directly in touch :p

Also while I'm thinking about it, I don't know if the foliage is a problem with the model itself or a shader.

In any event I never posted, but here are my specs:

Windows 10 64 bit Home

i5 6600k

R9 390

16gb ram


Cool. We would love the input from further testing as we keep updating. I'm looking into the forum for setting up accounts right now. Also, we are removing the password from the download page. We setup this basic forum so we could have a centralized place to collect feedback. However, we are open to try different methods or frameworks. In the first few weeks of testing we were mostly just relaying text messages from our friends back and forth and some of the feedback was word of mouth. But that gets out of hand real quick. If you have other suggestions about how to communicate (slack, hangouts, forums, etc) that would be great.

Forums are good for centralizing feedback and keeping the data for longer periods of time. Much easier to also track what has already been discovered / reported.

If you want realtime feedback or to quickly ping testers or get clarification about something that was posted, slack/hangouts would do nicely.

You can add me on slack or hangouts, or email me directly at this account's email address.

Randomly while I'm thinking about it, there was a survey question (after beating the game) about what we thought of Dyl as. I chose alligator because the shape of the mouth on Dyl's model seemed more in line with that. However, the name does seem to imply crocodile unless Dyl is short for a proper name like Dylan.

Also you seem to be taking feedback nicely :). I usually write the feedback in the heat of the moment and I want you to know that I don't mean anything personal by my remarks. Mostly I try to separate myself a bit but eh, for instance the path before the boss was one moment of frustration.

Thanks, I see the value of feedback in the heat of the moment. If someone is irritated / frustrated at a particular part of the game, I don't want them to cool off and water down the response. We want it in all of it's brutal unfiltered glory! It's the only way a truly fun experience will come out of this, and since we have never really made games before, this kind of back and forth is the best way for us to learn, and the best way to prepare us for the very unforgiving public one day when we release our game to the world. We don't have years of gaming dev experience to warrant a prideful "we know what were doing" response 😉 So keep it coming. And since we already use hangouts in our group, I will setup a hangout for instant feedback, for the more active testers like yourself.